The Art of Slow Stitching with Upcycled Fabrics – Harwich

This class is held in the the art room at Cape Cod Tech.
Wednesday  4:00-6:00 PM May 1 – May 22, 2024

This class is held in collaboration with The Community School at Cape Cod Tech in Harwich. Instructor: Christine Martell

Join us for a four-week journey into the art of slow stitching using upcycled fabrics, where the intention is to relax and create something beautiful from the everyday. Basic materials are provided, so you can focus on the joy of stitching by hand, transforming discarded fabrics into cherished works of art. Each week, we’ll explore the beauty in repurposed materials, dive into the meditative practice of slow stitching, experiment with creating texture and depth, and create artwork that reflects your unique story. This class is your sanctuary for mindful creation, a chance to unwind, and an invitation to rediscover the beauty in simplicity.

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