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Product Information

We work in a variety of media.

Primarily, we are both fiber artists, photographers, and digital artists. 

Christine uses her photography as a basis for her textiles by printing them on canvas. She then embellishes them with free motion machine embroidery. She creates her digital art primarily on an iPad Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. 

Alden uses his photography as a basis for his digital art. He manipulates them in Photoshop. His textiles are a string method tie dye. Sometimes he uses his digital art as transfers on his textiles. He also has a collection of historical street photography from Brekenridge Colorado. 


Bubblicious and Spark Love

Bubblicious is Alden’s digital art. Spark Love Everyday is Christine’s work. Since these are digital media, there isn’t a traditional “original” other than the digital file. We partner with manufacturing companies to use our images on products for your home and to wear. These are printed to order, and shipped from the manufacturers.