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We encourage collaboration among participants and sharing of ideas and techniques to foster a sense of community and collective learning.  But that means we need to take steps to ensure a successful and respectful project.  We ask all participants to adhere to the following guidelines:

Biodegradable Materials Only:
All art pieces must be created using biodegradable materials. This includes:

  • Natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk)

  • Plant-based materials (leaves, twigs, flowers)

  • Biodegradable papers and textiles

  • Natural dyes and pigments

  • Clay and other earth-based substances

Please avoid using plastics or any synthetic materials that do not decompose naturally.

Size and Safety Considerations:

Artworks should be of a manageable size and safe for public interaction. Avoid sharp edges, hazardous materials, or anything that could harm the environment or viewers. Pay particular attention to the impact our high winds might have on your artwork. 

Respecting Bamboo and stick fork in front of a treeProperty Rights:

  • Obtain necessary permissions from property owners or local authorities before installing your artwork.
  • Do not interfere with public utilities, obstruct pathways, or impair natural habitats.

  • Installations on private property should be done with explicit consent from the property owner.

Environmental Impact:

  • Ensure that your artwork does not negatively impact wildlife or the local ecosystem.

  • Avoid materials that could be harmful if ingested by animals or that could leach toxins into the soil or waterways.

Duration and Removal:

  • All artworks should be designed to withstand outdoor conditions for the duration of the display period.

  • Participants are responsible for the removal of their artwork at the end of the exhibition period, leaving no trace behind.

Community Respect:

  • Artworks should be respectful and considerate of the local community and its values.

  • Avoid content that could be considered offensive or inappropriate.

We encourage you to document your process and final work for sharing with the community on social media. Use #OrleansEcoArt and #ItsinOrleans so we can find your creations! 

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure Eco Art Quest is a positive, impactful, and environmentally conscious experience for everyone involved. Thank you for your commitment to sustainable art and community engagement!