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Bittersweet Orb Cave

Who We Are

Orleans EcoArt is an innovative community initiative, sponsored by Creative Cape Cod, an organization
that invites local artists and residents to “make stuff” that is creatively inspired by our environment.

Our Vision

We believe in the transformative power of art to inspire a deeper understanding of our connection to our
environment. It is more than just a project, we hope to kindle the energy that the natural world ignites in
all of us; and to place ourselves artistically within it.
Inclusive Programming For Everyone

  •  This year-long exploration of eco-friendly art-making aims to transform our town
    into a living gallery, showcasing the discoveries that emerge when you look at
    nature through an artistic lens.
  • By hosting a series of temporary on-site installations and events, Orleans EcoArt
    will not only beautify our town but also symbolically show our collective
    commitment to an ecologically sustainable future. The workshops and events we
    are planning are all based on making art from local natural materials: sand,
    vines, petals, bark, leaves, branches, rocks, shells, etc.
  • Orleans EcoArt is committed to inclusivity, in every sense of the word. We offer
    a broad array of programming designed to welcome every member of our
    community whether you consider yourself “artistic” or not, you might be

Join Us

Orleans Eco Art is an open invitation to artists, educators, students and residents of our town to unite and
participate in an innovative expression of artistry and community. Let’s make Orleans a beacon of
creativity and appreciation of our natural world.