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Mants Landing Brewster MA Fiberart detail by Christine Martell
Fiberart by Christine Martell Mants Landing, Brewster MA

We love Cape Cod and draw inspiration from its beauty.

Show the world how creative you are with unique wearables and decor for your home or office. Our work is a combination of one of a kind fine craft and our digital art which is printed on products for you. This way we can offer beautiful things at a wide range of affordable prices. 

Alden Spilman Wears Alden
Christine Martell

Wears Alden

Wild. Bold. Streetwear for the young and young at heart. Colorful accessories for home and office. 

Christine Martell 

 Refined. Elegant. Textiles for the beach and nature lover. Gifts that spread love.

The Beauty of Cape Cod

Wave at sunset on Nauset Beach in Orleans MA. One of the popular beaches on Cape Cod. Fiberart by Christine Martell 

This is created by printing a photograph in cotton/linen canvas. The feeding mechanism on the sewing machine is over ridden so the photogragh can be drawn over with thread. Each piece is unique, even if the same photograph is on the canvas. 

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